Gravity Forms PDF Extended Developers Edition

This documentation is for the Gravity Forms PDF Extended Developers Edition that is freely available through the WordPress repository. It’s a developer’s complete guide to installing and configuring the software to meet your client’s requirements.

How does it all work?

Gravity Forms PDF Extended uses the amazingly powerful mPDF package to turn HTML and CSS into complete PDF documents. This means you can use the tools you know and love to quickly craft advanced PDFs.

To give you an indication of what the software can do, mPDF offers the following features out of the box:

  • Language Support – almost all languages are supported including RTL (right to left) languages like Arabic and Hebrew and CJK languages – Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • HTML Page Numbering
  • Odd and even paging with mirrored margins (most commonly used in printing).
  • Nested Tables
  • Text-justification and hyphenation
  • Table of Contents
  • Index
  • Bookmarks
  • Watermarks
  • Password protection
  • Annotations

Need to add form data to existing PDFs?

Our free developer’s edition doesn’t support this feature so you’ll need to purchase our Business Plus package. For the business’ that need results quickly and the support to go with it we offer this software as a service. For experienced developers looking to complete the work themselves, we now offer the software as a standalone package. If you’re interested in purchasing the Business Plus package please send us an email.

Keep up to date with Gravity Forms PDF Extended

Just pop in your email address below and we’ll make sure you get an email when we release a new version of Gravity Forms PDF Extended.